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Signal and System – Linearity of a System

The linearity property is the ability of a system to conserve at its output all possible linear combinations of signals present at its input.

Checking Linearity Step by Step (Online Course)

Therefore, given an arbitrary linear combination of any signal ūĚĎī at the input of a linear system ūĚĎļ, its output will be the same linear combination of the responses ūĚĎī of the system to each of those signals separately.

Thus, a linear system is one that possesses the important property of superposition: given an input consisting of an arbitrary superposition of individual signals, a linear system processes that input in the same way as if it could process one by one and separately each one of the individual superimposed signals and then build the output by superimposing the individual outputs obtained in the same way.

The following course aims to demonstrate the linearity property of different systems, from the definition of linearity. You will be able to learn the procedure to analyze and verify if a system is linear or not. It comprises three classes. It has a cost of 14 euros, using Paypal as a method of payment. Contact me, I will give you the Paypal account and once the payment is received I will send you an individual password that will give you access for three months from the date of payment.

Checking Linearity Step by Step (Online Course)

The Linearity of systems is one of the most important properties to understand in depth in your engineering career. I have made an effort to give you a detailed explanation, but if it is not enough, you can count on me to go deeper through an online class to solve exercises.

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