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Signal and System – Properties of systems

The System Properties that we are going to define and check are:

  • Linearity
  • Time Invariance
  • Causality
  • Stability
  • Memory

To Check and Prove the properties of systems it is necessary to apply the definition of each property to the input-output relationship of the system.

Input-output relationship of the system

The input-output relationship of the system is that algebraic expression that allows us to know the output signal y(t) as a function of the input signal x(t).

We will use the following notation for the input-output relationship of the system S, analog or digital:

This notation is intended to help analyze, define and check the properties of the system S.


Linearity is one of the most important properties of systems.

Linearity is one of the most important properties of systems. This Online course consists of three videos from which you will learn to analyze the linearity property and check that a system is Linear, or otherwise, that it is not. It offers you theory and methods that are equivalent to the Signals and Systems classes in Engineering. The property of linearity is verified step by step in these 5 continuous and/or discrete time systems shown below:

Checking Linearity Step by Step

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