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Building Models in Simulink-Matlab for Mechanical Systems

Figure 6 shows a mass-spring-damper system. The outputs of the system are the displacement x1(t) and the displacement x2(t), while the input is the force u(t) exerted on the mass m1.

About the system of Figure 6:.

  1. Obtain the differential equations that describe its mathematical model.
  2. Get the block diagram representation of the total system.
  3. Obtain the transfer function of the positions x1(t) and x2(t) with respect to the input u(t) of said system.
  4. Get its representation in state space.
  5. Check the correspondence of the previous representations (block diagram, transfer function and state space) according to the results with the help of Matlab’s Simulink through their behavior (which must be the same) before a unitary pulse train signal- Consider the values:

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Building a Simulink Model for a Mechanical System

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