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Solved Example 2 – Electromechanical system transfer function.

Find in generic terms, the transfer function of the unit feedback system shown in Figure P5.52 (b) of which the electromechanical system of Figure P5.52 (a) is a part.

1. System Dynamic


2. Laplace Transform

3. Motor&Load Transfer Function (θm(s)/Ea(s))

4. Direct Transfer Function

For the system:

The open-loop transfer function Ga(s) is:

5. Closed-loop transfer function

The closed-loop transfer function Gc(s) is:

That is to say:

This problem is the first part of one where the transient response is requested so that the overshoot is 20% and the settling time is 2 seconds, see the complete problem in the following link: Example 1 – Transient response of an electromechanical system

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