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First and second order systems

Transient Response and Steady-State Response. The time response of a control system consists of two parts: the transient response and the steady-state response. By transient response, we mean that which goes from the initial state to the final state. By steady-state response, we mean the manner in which the system output behaves as t approaches infinity.


We now discuss first-order systems without zeros to define a performance specification for such a system…

We now use Eqs. (4.6), (4.7), and (4.8) to define three transient response performance specifications:

  • Time Constant: We call 1/a the time constant of the response. From Eq. (4.7), the time constant can be described as the time for to decay to 37% of its initial value. Alternately, from Eq. (4.8) the time constant is the time it takes for the step response to rise to 63% of its final value.

The reciprocal of the time constant has the units (1/seconds), or frequency. Thus, we can call the parameter a the exponential frequency. Thus, the time constant can be considered a transient response specification for a first order system, since it is related to the speed at which the system responds to a step input.Since the pole of the transfer function is at a, we can say the pole is located at the reciprocal of the time constant, and the farther the pole from the imaginary axis, the faster the transient response.

  • Rise Time (Tr): Rise time is defined as the time for the waveform to go from 0.1 to 0.9 of its final value.

  • Settling Time (Ts): Settling time is defined as the time for the response to reach, and stay within, 2% of its final value.2

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Consider the first order system shown in figure 5-1:

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Fuente [3]


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